March Update

Three months in!  That’s 1/4 of the way through the challenge.  Things I bought this month:

  • a pack of 36 birthday cards — I think greeting cards are kind of stupid, but my family does send them.  I was scrambling to find a card to send to my aunt for her 70th birthday.  I wound up using a blank notecard, which was fine, but I thought it would be nice to have a pack on hand for future situations like this.  I spent $10 for the cards and they are not that great, but it’s the thought that counts here I think.  I’m considering making a birthday calendar for my family and actually sending out cards to everyone this year, not just big birthdays that my mom reminds me about.  I’ve already used two.
  • a book of stamps — to send above cards.
  • a record — my dad turned 70 this month.  He is a gifts person, so I decided to bend my rules to buy him a 45 record he had been wanting.  I also went home for a visit and made him a cake, but I don’t think he’d have felt like it was his birthday if there hadn’t been some physical gift.

My husband is not participating in the challenge with me.  He doesn’t normally spend a lot of time or money shopping, so he wouldn’t benefit from the challenge much anyway.  However, I thought that I should report some of his purchases that directly benefited me, though I in no way encouraged him to make them.

  • a new cutting board — we had two cutting boards, a wood one that has pieces falling off and a plastic one that was partially melted and cracked from being left on the oven.  My husband bought a nice new plastic one to replace the old one.  We also kept the wood one.
  • a dog bed — we had a couple of people stay overnight this month.  We keep our extra bedding in our suitcases, and when one of our guests was here and I was making up the futon for her to sleep on, I found my dog like curled up in the suitcase with the pillow in it.  My husband bought her a dog bed and she has been using it a lot.
  • a travel pillow, some seeds, and a bike bell — it was also my birthday this month and my husband got me these things as a gift.  All useful things I appreciate having, couldn’t buy myself, and did not ask for.

Things I seriously thought about buying, but did not buy:

  • sweaters that were on sale from Uniqlo
  • a birthday gift for my husband — I wound up giving him some cookies, a cake I made, and a cookbook I had gotten as a gift that I thought he’d like.  I also sewed new buttons on three pairs of his pants.
  • sunglasses and a hat for our vacation — I decided to borrow my mom’s hat and use my old, rather scratched sunglasses.  I ended up losing the hat while we were there, so I’m seeing a replacement hat purchase in my future.
  • Souvenirs from our vacation.  I was tempted, but didn’t buy anything!

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