May Update and Announcement

The first four months of this challenge were more or less smooth sailing for me.  I was not tempted to buy much at all and I think I accomplished my goals of 1) saving money 2) accumulating less stuff and 3) spending less time shopping.  Things have gone south quickly during May though.  However, it’s for a very good reason!  My husband and I are expecting a baby.  I’m still fitting into all my normal clothing right now, but since I will need new clothing at some point I didn’t see any reason not to start getting prepared.  I bought three dresses, a skirt, and two tank tops.   I don’t want to suddenly not be able to fit into anything and not have anything to wear.  Since the challenge seemed to be going down the tubes already, I decided to update my shoes and get a new hat (to replace the one I recently lost) and some sunglasses (I also sadly lost those).  I ordered three new pairs of sandals because the ones I own should be thrown away, but they will all be getting returned due to poor fit.  I also ordered a pair of black flats (an essential in most women’s wardrobe) and tan flats.  I have feet issues, so making sure I’m wearing solid shoes is important.  It’s been a bit of a spending/buying spree the last week or so and I don’t feel great about it.  Still, I’ve spent less than $150 on all of these items and I’ll be getting about $50 of that back once I return the sandals.  I also sent a big bag of clothing to Thred Up, so I have some space in my closet for the new purchases.

We are holding out on baby purchases for the time being since we still have quite a while left before the baby arrives.  I’m working on building a minimalist baby registry and am also excited to thrift lots of items — baby and maternity items seem like the perfect thrift material since they are used so little!  I know there are some items I can’t buy used (a car seat and sleeping surface for example), but lots can be bought used.  A friend of mine has already gathered a huge bag of baby clothing for free through her Buy Nothing group, so we don’t really need any clothing for the first six months!  She gave me some new clothes too, satisfying my need for change without shopping (even though I’ll still need to shop for some maternity stuff).

So where to from here?  I no longer think it is realistic to buy nothing for the rest of the year.  I am planning to continue to update this blog monthly with purchases and will also add anything we receive as a gifts.  I’d love to read about exactly what things a couple expecting their first child acquires, through gifts and on their own, and what they actually use.  I’ll keep track of it here.  I’ll be trying to keep things minimal — we will see how it goes!


2 thoughts on “May Update and Announcement

  1. Congratulations! That’s exciting, and the best reason I can think of to break your challenge! 🙂

    When I was pregnant, we got a copy of the book “Baby Bargains.” It was very helpful in narrowing down what we needed and what we didn’t, and then we tried to get used for as much of the stuff as possible. Got a hand-me-down crib from a friend that was eligible for trade-in due and ended up with a new crib; bought car seat bases on Craigslist; and tried to register for the stuff we really needed so friends and families who wanted to treat us could do so.

    You can do this in a frugal and sane way, I promise!


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