June Update

As expected, I did not succeed in buying nothing this month.  I did redeem last month somewhat since I returned all the shoes I bought.  Not a single pair fit properly (sadly).  I also never got the sunglasses in the mail, so cross those off the purchases for last month.  I’m going to divide my purchases into new and used to make myself feel better about the amount of stuff below.  Costs are rounded estimates.

Used purchases:

  • maternity clothes — five sweaters, two pairs of jeans, one shirt, one dress (not technically maternity but stretchy) ($50)
  • duvet on eBay — this was completely a non-necessary purchase.  I was getting tired of the loudish pattern of our duvet and bought a plan white one.  I can rotate them while one is in the wash now ($20)
  • a clip on high chair — this was our first baby purchase.  We got a good deal on Facebook marketplace ($20)

New purchases:

  • pinking shears — I made wax wraps as part of a gift for a friend’s wedding and I bought pinking shears to finish the edges.  I plan on making my own reusable wax wraps so I thought it would be good to have this tool on hand. ($10)
  • reusable produce bags — I bought these to avoid using plastic at the grocery store ($10)
  • a gift for my sister-in-laws bridal shower — I could have made a gift, but I decided to just get some things off their registry.  I got her a couple of swaddles and some books. ($50)
  • a pregnancy pillow — I really wish I had not bought one new since it seems like many people give them away or sell them cheaply.  This was my gift to myself after a successful NT scan at our 12 week appointment. ($45)
  • home supplies — brackets, screws, and washers to fix some broken dresser drawers and a slab of wood to turn our small tv table that we keep on the porch into a big enough table to eat on. ($15)
  • a gift for my mom’s birthday — most of her gift was consumable, but I did get her a float to use down the shore and a book to read to her grandchild. ($15)

Estimated cost for everything: $235

That seems like a lot of stuff when I look at the lists.  It didn’t feel like I was buying a crazy amount, so this is a reminder that this is what happens (for me) when I stop imposing strict rules. I do kind of need some new things since I’m 17 weeks pregnant, but most of this stuff is not directly related to my pregnancy.  I’m going to consciously dial it back in July.  Prime day is happening in July though so we might buy some baby gear if it is really on sale.  We will be trying to get most of our baby items used, but a few items like car seats should be purchased new for safety reasons.

The biggest fail for me is not the amount of money spent or the number of items brought into our home, since it really doesn’t amount to too much.  I spent way too much time looking for these things though.  I have been working on a list of baby items we’ll want/need and have read way more than necessary about it.  I’ve been trolling Craigslist and eBay for good deals on baby and maternity stuff.  It’s just taking up too much brain space.  I think part of this is driven by my anxiety about becoming a mother.  Part of me thinks reading about what I’ll need and getting those things (at good prices of course) will make me feel more prepared and in control.  In reality, we don’t need all that much and reading about strollers is not going to help me be a better mother.  I also have very little control.  I can eat well and take care of myself, but I can’t guarantee our baby will be healthy.  This month I am going to work on focusing on remaining calm, accepting what comes, and avoiding panic shopping.


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