September Update

September was an acquisitions heavy month, but very little of it was purchased by me or my husband.  Here are the non-consumables we bought:

  • gorilla glue — to fix a broken blind
  • batteries — I am not sure if these should be classified as consumables or not… but we bought some to have on hand when it seemed like we might get hit by Florence (we weren’t).
  • reusable silicone food bags — I ran out of the ziplocks I’d been washing and reusing for a year and decided to replace them with a reusable option.
  • car seat — our baby is coming pretty soon!  Car seats are one of the few things you should not get used for safety reasons, so we bought a car seat at Target.  We were able to turn in an old booster seat we had picked up for free at their trade-in event for a 20% off coupon, and stack that on top of a 20% of sale.  We used the coupons to buy an already-on-sale seat and wound up paying $73.  We also are getting an extra base free since we have two cars and the manufacturer was running a promotion.

Now for the stuff other people bought us… we had a coed “baby’s coming” party for with our families last weekend.  We did not make a traditional registry, but I have been keeping track of the baby items I’m hoping to get on Encore, a second-hand registry site.  We didn’t distribute registry information to invited guests but a few people asked for our registry so I shared it.  There were some comments about it… particularly that it was rather sparse, but we’ve already gotten so many hand-me-downs and used items that there isn’t much left that we need!  We still ended up with what seemed like a ton of stuff, but I expect it is way less than most people get at traditional baby showers.  A lot of people got us used things, which is what I wanted and I was happy with that.  I definitely appreciate everyone’s contributions.  We were lucky to get a bunch of cloth diapers to try out, some disposables for when we get desperate, and lots of other useful stuff.  I think we are mostly set on baby stuff at this point.


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