November Update

I’m quite looking forward to 2019 when I don’t have to write blog posts each month detailing all the ways I have failed in the previous month.  It was fun in the beginning when I felt I was keeping to at least the spirit of the challenge, even if I slipped up here and there.  I don’t feel that way anymore though.  I gave up more than I should have with the baby on the way.  I am sure I would have bought more if I didn’t have the challenge in mind at all, but I also gave myself permission to violate my rules/the spirit of the challenge more than I needed to.  Here are my November confessions:

Baby/pregnancy related stuff (one week left!):

  • Bassinet mattress cover and sheet — purchased from Amazon warehouse (returned/used merchandise).  We have one cover, but I have heard having a second one is good for middle of the night accidents.  Same reasoning for the sheet, though honestly we already have a few other sheets already.  I wanted an organic one and I found one for less than $5, so I bought it.
  • Blood pressure monitor — I had a few higher than normal readings at dr appointments over the last month.  This is a major concern during pregnancy since pre-eclampsia is a big deal.  You have to get induced if your blood pressure is too high.  All my readings at home have been normal, thankfully.
  • Breast pump — this is covered by my insurance so it was free.  I will need to pump since I’ll be away from my baby for longer stretches starting in mid-January.
  • New blood glucose meter — I got one through my insurance and had been using it, but read that it was quite inaccurate.  I got a brand that had tested better and have been having better readings since then.  It seems silly to have two blood glucose meters, but the new meter really has helped keep me less anxious.
  • Nursing bras — I bought two nursing bras to use when the baby arrives.
  • Nursing tank tops — I bought two of these as well.  I’m not really sure nursing-specific clothing is necessary so I am starting with very little and will add as I think makes sense after the baby arrives.

Non-baby/pregnancy stuff

  • a black infinity scarf — my husband ordered some new work pants from Old Navy and needed something to add to his order to get free shipping.  I’ve been wanting one of these and it was on sale.
  • beeswax — I make beeswax candles and we were just about out, so I ordered more.  I reuse the same jars each time.  I guess this could technically be considered consumable.

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